Help Pet Shelters

Give local, not to the Humane Society of the United States.

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Many people see commercials from the Humane Society of the United States and think their donation will help pets in their local shelter. The Humane Society of the United States does not run a single pet shelter. If you want your donation used to help homeless pets, give to your local shelter directly.
  • Deceptive Fundraising

    HSUS raises millions of dollars from American animal lovers through manipulative advertising but doesn’t run a single pet shelter, and isn’t affiliated with any pet or local humane societies.

  • Pension Plan

    HSUS puts more into its pension plan than it gives to pet shelters.

  • Dogfighter Michael Vick

    HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle endorsed Michael Vick getting another dog, after HSUS got $50,000 from Vick’s employer.

  • Donors Feel Wronged

    A poll of self-identified HSUS donors found 80 percent thought HSUS “misleads people” about its connections to pet shelters.

  • Vegan Animal-Rights Agenda

    An HSUS vice president stated that HSUS’s political goal is to “get rid of the entire [animal agriculture] industry.”

  • Bribery Settlement

    HSUS settled a racketeering and bribery lawsuit for nearly $11 million after it was caught secretively paying a witness who lied under oath.

  • Terrorism

    HSUS’s senior management includes those who have voiced support for the terroristic acts of the Animal Liberation Front.

  • Grade: D

    CharityWatch has issued several “D” ratings for HSUS in recent years over the group’s wasteful spending practices. The Better Business Bureau pulled their accreditation in 2018 and Charity Navigator downgraded them to 2 stars.

  • Zero Pet Shelters

    HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter — anywhere.

  • $50 Million in the Caribbean

    Financial filings show that HSUS has stuffed away over $50 million in Caribbean “investments”—far away from helping needy pets.


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